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Who are we?


eNative is an integrated Public Relations and Communication company dedicated to the purpose of connecting the dots between your business ambitions and the people who contribute to your success.

Our leading specialists in PR and brand management tailor each strategy to address challenges and opportunities and to transform your brand into a success story. 

What do we believe in?


Reputation is the most influential currency that your brand owns.
This capital trades in perceptions, building on feelings and beliefs.
It’s why your clients gravitate towards your brand and why they stay loyal.


We are the artisans that capture and converge the ideas around your brand and transform them into the compelling story that you deserve.
We understand your business environment, we listen to your concerns, we identify the opportunities and strategize around them, we design messages, and we refine the foundations of trust between your brand and your customers.


Everything we do is about building your reputation by profoundly understanding the success roadmap and all the elements around it - private entities, public actors, and mass-media.
Our multifaceted strategic approach is the solution to your unique brand story because our passion drives your success.

What do we do?


Dear Partner,

As a communication expert, my approach to delivering quality is holistic, structured, and efficient.


My ten years in mass-media, culminating with top management positions, have given me a comprehensive insight into the communication industry while demonstrating that passion and dedication are prerequisites for success.


I also had the opportunity to build experience in public communication within four different governments. This has given me access to the big picture of the Romanian economy, as well as a deep understanding of the public-private environment interrelation. Because of my background in managing economic and business environment communication, I have extensive knowledge about local business affairs and about the way mass-media shapes the business agenda.


During my time as a communication specialist, I gained a complex understanding on how the three main actors - Mass media, Public sector, Private sector - influence the public agenda, how they act and react, how they design and implement communication strategies. 


And this knowledge is my promise to my partners! I use my expertise to support clients in their quest for custom communication strategies to support their goals. I am proud to say that eNative delivers complex projects and excellent results for a wide array of organizations and topics.

How do we work?

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What makes us different?

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